Film and entertainment companies creating new diversity roles

From this year’s 'White Oscars' to on-set 'white-washing' it hasn’t been a great year for diversity in the entertainment business but production companies are amending their recruitment practices.

Pixar, one of the most recognized animation studios in the film industry created a new job for a Head of Inclusion and Diversity. The senior role aims to ensure that Pixar has a talent diversity strategy across its workforce. This is just one example of the new roles directly focused on looking at diversity and inclusion within the entertainment business.

Other entertainment companies following suit include Disney, Bloomberg, Pinterest, Sony Pictures, Sports Media Network, NBC Universal, HBO and many more.

Diversity has been one of the biggest issues plaguing the film business for many years. Over the summer, Matt Damon further aggravated the critics of Hollywood diversity 'blindness' after explaining diversity to a filmmaker on the series “Project Greenlight.” He subsequently apologized and admitted that he was out of touch on the issue and the film industry needed to address it more openly.

Following these developments, the entertainment industry is putting far more emphasis on creating new opportunities for talent across a broad range of disciplines. Sony Pictures Television was one of the early adopters and for a 2nd year running, invited directors from various backgrounds to apply to the SPT Diverse Directors Program.

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