FHM Magazine and Zoo to be suspended

FHM and Zoo magazine owner Bauer Media has revealed that it will suspend its iconic publications following a change in reader habits.

The publisher is currently undergoing a consultation which could affect 20 jobs related to the production and distribution of the titles. The digital and print versions of both magazine titles will be axed in 2016 which comes after several other publishers also took their magazines off the shelf.

NME changed the business model of their print magazine and now offers it for free with advertising partners.

FHM magazine at its height was circulating over 700,000 copies and was seen as one of the main men lifestyle print magazines in the UK.

With falling revenues for print magazine and declining circulation, reader habits have shifted towards digital, and advertisers are no longer so keen to spend on print magazines as they can’t measure campaigns as effectively. With fewer readers, it is also becoming more difficult for print magazines to make a profit and provide enough reach.

FHM is currently published in 26 countries and was launched 30 years ago in 1985 as ‘Him Magazine’ . Zoo Magazine was launched in 1994 and had a circulation of just under 30,000 in 2014.

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