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Fewer women employed in the UK film industry since 2011

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There has been a drop in employment overall for women in the UK Film Industry since 2011 despite year-on-year growth in the sector.

Recently approved tax breaks have ensured that Britain will remain a highly competitive marketplace to produce films however the equality of employment remains an issue for women, who have so far failed to see any increase in prospects reflective of the overall sector, where there has been an actual decline in opportunities since 2011.

In the film & entertainment industry as a whole, women held 33.5% of jobs in 2014 which is a drop of more than 5% on 2011, where women held 38.8% of jobs. (Source : DCMS)

The UK average for employment in 2014 was 47.2% in the wider economy while there are considerable issues still being debated in the industry regarding diversity and the troubles of sexism and a lack of roles for women over the age of 50.

With a fall of over 5% in a 3-year window, the British Film Industry continues to underrepresent women in various areas of production. In the IT sector only 18% of workers were women and with the industry becoming more tech and IT driven, these numbers present a major imbalance in the creative economy.

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