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Feature Film 'Twice' is Crowdfunding to Tell a Polyamorous Love Story

Indie feature film 'Twice' by Sarah Arlen, plans on being the tipping point of the polyamorous revolution. A crowdfunding campaign for the project is running February 14th (Valentine’s Day) through March 17th (Saint Patrick’s Day), 2015, in order to raise $25,000 in completion funds and to create audience awareness of the film.

The movie tells a polyamorous love story from two divergent points of view, one of “Woman,” the other of “Man.” While the plot revolves around the two characters starting out as friends, becoming lovers, breaking up and getting back together, the core themes of the movie are centered around second chances, being honest, embracing identity and coming out of the closet. The project’s purpose is to show what it can be like to live a polyamorous life, while also exploring how monogamous people can understand, accept and love polyamorists.

Polyamory means to romantically love more than one person at once while being honest with all of them. 'Twice' will turn the standard romantic comedy plot on its head while the tension of the story won't come from the standard cinema trope of “Who will be the chosen one?” but rather “How will they all love each other?”

Because many polyamorists live in the closet, they stand as an example of what being “closeted” means in everyday life and how “coming out” is something everyone experiences each time they reveal a new facet of themselves that might be misinterpreted or bullied.

Polyamorous Trailer

In 2014, a major tipping point came for the transgender community when Laverne Cox appeared on the cover of Time Magazine. With the recent significant rise of media coverage about “polyamory,” it appears the next cultural tipping point will be polyamory. 'Twice', much like 'Orange is the New Black', is striving to be the entertaining conduit that invites audiences to see the humanity in a word they might not have ever heard before and tips polyamory into pop culture.

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