Famous actors turn to charity to make a difference

Famous actors have often turned to charity to use their star power, creating non-profit organizations, making fundraisers and advocating change.

From young actors to screen legends, charity can be a fun way of giving back for people of all ages. Below are a few recent notable events that helped raise money and awareness for good causes:

Alec Baldwin : Helps raise $600k for environmental protection

Alec Baldwin took his fundraising power to the 'Barefoot Under The Stars' event, where he guest hosted and gave a speech. Money raised went to the 'Group For the East End', and environmental protection organisation that works to meticulously conserve and help restore the natural habitats of eastern Long Island. Thanks to Alec's star power, the fundraiser got much more attention, helping donations

Group for The East End

Jennifer Lopez, Demi Moore : Children Charity Gala raises $1.4 million

The annual Hope for Children Charity gala attracted a host of stars who attended the event to raise money for over 30 charities that support children's education and healthcare. This also included donations to some 400 schools.

Famous actors as well as music stars attended with performances from the likes of John Legend. Bill Clinton was also honoured at the ceremony

Miley Cyrus : Get Ur Good on campaign

You may see Miley Cyrus as the cutesy Disney star who breaks the rules from time to time but her new message on volunteerism will make an impact on her young followers. Her interview highlights the Get Ur Good On message and encourages teens to help in communities and work together using the web.

Get Ur Good on interview

Get Ur Good On

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