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Fact Not Fiction Films to produce new documentary 'Aerotoxic'

Horsham, England - Multi award winning Fact Not Fiction Films is to produce a new documentary in 2016 entitled 'Aerotoxic'.

'Aerotoxic' will be the first documentary film of its kind to chronicle the full history, impact and science around what many claim is aviation's greatest campaign of denial: 'Aerotoxic'.

It is happening on virtually every passenger flight around the globe; passengers are at risk from exposure to a complex cocktail of hazardous chemicals yet they are totally unaware. 'Aerotoxic' will be a passionate and inspirational look at former British Airways Captain Tristan Loraine's fervent crusade to raise public awareness of 'Aerotoxic' by exposing the denial and facts that surround it.

In this intimate portrait of Loraine and his “quest for justice,” 'Aerotoxic' will reveal through well-researched facts, interspersed with personal and expert testimonies, how contaminated air has impacted flight safety and the health of many, yet the airline industry continues a well-orchestrated campaign of denial and silence.

The documentary follows the subject matter of their latest feature film 'A Dark Reflection' which is released into selected UK cinemas screens next week.

Aerotoxic Trailer

Captain Loraine's work on the issue began in 2001 when he was a union Health and Safety representative at British Airways. In 2006 he was ill health retired as a consequence of exposure to contaminated air, a year after completing the Ironman triathlon. After retraining at the National Film and Television School, Loraine set up the Production Company Fact Not Fiction Films and has already produced three documentaries on the issue of contaminated air since 2006, including 'Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines' that triggered two calls for a Public Inquiry when it was released in the UK in 2007.

“Our goal is to fund the production of the documentary 'Aerotoxic' from grants and donations similarly to how we successfully funded our recent investigative feature film 'A Dark Reflection'. Whilst the film will educate and entertain the general public, 'Aerotoxic' explores the issue of contaminated air in greater detail and will educate the public on the issue,” commented director/producer Tristan Loraine.

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