Lisa Mason Lee on the set with Audrina Patridge

Lisa Mason Lee co-stars with Audrina Patridge in 'Dream Maker' a new web TV series produced by Yobi.TV. After winning a popular contest with her Sarah Palin, Megan Fox and Lindsay Lohan impressions, she was made a co-star on the new show. Lisa's newly found fame on the web is likely to propel her even higher when the series airs in a few weeks time. With an army of followers on YouTube and twitter, she already has a huge fan base of people who follow her impressions and short comedy videos.

You could compare her to a young Tina Fey, with a wide variety of impersonations and superb acting skills. Discover how Lisa made it to the show, and what she hopes to achieve now that 'Dream Maker' has wrapped.

Iain: How did you get involved with the Yobi contest, and what did you set out to achieve when you first joined?

Lisa: A mysterious fan emailed me about this awesome acting contest and suggested I enter.  I checked it out and when I noticed Audrina was attached, it was a no brainer. I submitted a video of me impersonating Sarah Palin, Megan Fox and Lindsay Lohan.  There were a lot of talented people in the running so I didn't think I had much of a chance to win. As the contest went on, they started to eliminate contestants and I just kept making it into the finals every week and boom I made it to the final round. I got a Skype video call from the beautiful Danielle Ryan of and she starts telling me live on the air that I had indeed won the contest. I was in shock for a nanosecond then I started squealing like a little piglet. It's kind of a big deal. It's not like my someone drew straws, I was voted the winner by the people so that makes it extra special.

Iain: What was it like working with Audrina Patridge on the Dream Maker series?

Lisa: Delightful! she's so classy and charismatic, she's down right charming. I've been admiring Audrina's career for years and now to finally meet her, much less work with her, it's crazy, a dream come true.

Iain: How did Megan Fox and Sarah Palin fit in with your comedy, and what is it about them that you really enjoy 're-mixing' in your impersonations?

Lisa: Ever since I was a little kid I've been able to hear something and then sort of play it back using my own voice, apparently it use to drive my parents nuts.  Years later I made the big move to LA and a friend dared me to dress up like Britney Spears and hit Sunset Blvd. I ended up fooling dozens of paparazzi that night. A light bulb went off in my head and by now I do dozens of impersonations, and yeah, like you said, I like to throw them all into the same soup once and hope comedy ensues.

Iain: Where will you go from here? 

Lisa: I'm just blessed to be currently working at the craft of acting and honestly I don't care if my next deal is a Youtube video or a major movie production, I just want to keep acting. You can't make the mistake of sitting on your hands, waiting for someone to offer you the moon, so I constantly keep going forward, you never know when opportunity will come knocking again, you have to stay sharp.

Iain: Who would you say was your idol?

Lisa: That's an easy one, my Dad. He has always supported my family, and he's always supported my life choices.  My Mom is amazing too, she's always been there for me in the front row. I'm sure they both deserve some kind of award for putting up with me all those years. At least everything is starting to make sense. I keep praying that someday I'll be in a position to give something back to them. Hey! I'm on my way! Thank you Audrina and I'm doing what I love for a living, how awesome is that!

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