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Exclusive: George Barris to Sell the Original Batmobile This Weekend


Batmobile goes on sale this weekend

Ever wanted to get your hands on the original Batmobile? Film Industry Network is bringing you an exclusive look at the history of the greatest movie icons of all time. This coming weekend the Original Batmobile 'Lincoln Futura' (concept car) will go under the hammer, but before it does, be sure to check out the infographic below to get an in-depth look at some of the coolest cars ever invented. 

Over the decades the concept of the Batmobile has changed. From the original TV series to the 'The Dark Knight Rises', the Batmobile has been a sybmoblic character. It subsequently became one of the coolest movie gadgets of all time, and went through many re-designs. However, the Batmobile has many worthy adverseries that have been equally present in our movie history. Check out some of them  below as we take a look back at the history of classic movie icons.

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