Exclusive : Arnold Schwarzenegger to return as The Terminator

Arnold Schwarzenegger will reprise his role as the Terminator 8 years after he bowed out of the franchise.

A source close to the negotiations revealed to us that Schwarzenegger had been keen to get back into the action roles that had made his career in front of the camera "one of the best times of his life".

Schwarzenegger, who is currently touring Europe, was given an early draft to read amongst others which included a Predator sequel.

This Monday, the former Governor will reveal a new TV series in Cannes, having gone to great lengths to keep details of his latest project under wraps. Earlier this year there had been rumours that he might team up with James Cameron in 'True Lies 2'. However, there has been no confirmation about any True Lies sequel to date, but Cameron might be involved with the script on Terminator 5. It is unlikely that he will direct as he has distanced himself creatively from the last two sequels.

For fans of the Terminator franchise, this news will no doubt raise questions as to how the former Governor can buff up to the role, and how this will make sense, given that he turns 64 this year. However, as pal Sly Stallone has proven, you can still muscle up on screen in 'The Expendables'.

Will you watch the latest Terminator movie? What should we except from Arnold in 2011?

If you get this far you have been fooled. Happy April Fools!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator 3 Trailer


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