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(Marta Szczesniak ©)

NICE, France - Celebrity Photographer Marta Szczesniak is a talent unlike any other with a unique sense of style and perfection in her images. Based in the sunny Cote d'Azur, just outside of Nice, Marta has had an exceptional time living in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. With a background in design and an attention to detail, Marta is one of France s most talented photographers, with an artistic approach to all kinds of situations. Below you will find a small selection of her work and a message from her. Film Industry Network is proud to showcase her fantastic collection from celebrities to landscapes for you here.

From Marta:

(Marta Szczesniak ©)

Photography brings me happiness and I'm trying to return it to the people I'm photographing. I hope I'll never have to say "I'm bored with my profession", for now I'm far away from this statement, each shooting brings new experiences and lessons, like the most pleasant school in the world.

In the summer season I'm working a lot, photographing weddings, and mostly the luxury ones on the French Riviera, but not only that. It's also the time of summer concerts and some press work for the agency I'm collaborating with - the World Entertaiment News Network (WENN) located in London, New York and Los Angeles.

By the end of the season I'm able to focus on some creative work, shooting models for their books and any other photographic requests like the The GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona held there each year or MIDEM in Cannes. Sometimes I visit Warsaw, my hometown where I always try to photograph someone from the artistic "millieu", be it an actor, musician or journalist.

On my website you'll find all my contact information - along with a regularly updated agenda. Soon I'll create a new website for a wedding reportage only including my blog so that you'd be able to know me a bit better before (hopefully) picking me as your photographer.

For more information regarding Marta's work : http://www.photoxygen.com/

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