Ex-President of BBC America, Disney World director accused of sex abuse

The Hollywood sex abuse scandal just got louder with three additional lawsuits filed in Hawaii today against 'insiders'.

Last week, Florida attorney Jeff Herman spoke about how there were several sexual abuse cases in Hollywood overlapping each other that would be filed Monday. In the aftermath of Bryan Singer's alleged abuse, the lawyer confirmed that there was a certain group of people with influence sexually exploiting children.

According to Variety, 3 Hollywood executives are being accused of abusing teenage boys in the latest round of court filings:

3 Executives accused of abuse

Gary Goddard, David Neuman and Garth Ancier have all been named in the lawsuits. All the execs have extensive careers in the entertainment industry.

Goddard worked with Disney and Universal for many years, designing resorts and theme park attractions.

David Neuman was President of the Walt Disney Television Network, while Ancier, was former President of BBC Worldwide America.

Lawsuit Overview

It is not yet clear what the complaints are in the newly filed lawsuits however THR reports that back in 2009 attorney Jeff Herman had previously been "suspended from the practice of law by the Florida State Supreme Court." Whether this will cast any doubt on the current lawsuits is unclear.

The battle for the truth continues...


22/4/14 12.43pm GMT

The BBC has confirmed to us that Garth Ancier is not currently affiliated with them and left the broadcaster in March 2010. He is also not a member of the board as was originally stated.

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