Ex CIA, special ops and former Navy Seals release powerful documentary

Debating National security, politics and the work of US Armed forces

OPSEC, a new campaign created by former special operations members has been launched to raise public awareness of leaks and how they undermine national security.

As part of the campaign a 22-minute documentary entitled 'Dishonorable Disclosures' has been made available to inform people about the leaks, and the politicization of intelligence. The documentary features a wide range of interviews with members of the special forces, some of which have been masked to protect their identity.

The intention of 'OPSEC', which stands for operational security, is to never let the "enemy know of operations". Topics include the proliferation of technology, the Osama Bin Laden raid, the stuxnet virus and more. Members want the current U.S administration to take heed of their documentary and the importance of intelligence gathering, and keep a lid on missions.

The documentary shows the frustration of OPSEC members, and how politics has interfered with operations. It also illustrates the concern within the U.S military of the current political environment related to military secrets, and public disclosures that affect operations. (Documentary available below)

Quotes from the documentary

"When OPSEC is violated enemies gain the upper hand"

"Politics should never come before national security"

One striking comment comes from Jamie Williamson, a retired colonel from the Special Forces in reference to the raid on Osama Bin Laden.

"I was appalled first to hear secrets that I spent over 25 years protecting..…all reported within the same sentence…We had tactics, techniques and procedures that were compromised."

Paul Vallely : Retired Major general US Army:

"We've got to stand up. This is our country. This is our constitution and We have to speak out….enough is enough".

Bill Cowan, Lt. Colonel of the USMC (retired) towards the end of the documentary strikes an even harder tone towards the current U.S Administration:

"If I have one piece of advice for this administration it would be the same thing that former secretary of defense Bob Gates said: SHUT THE F**K UP!"

Dishonorable Disclosures documentary

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