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Everyone is laying into Gawker but what about the Sony abuse?

Several publishers including Gawker revealed leaked Sony emails and their contents with complete disregard for the people that had all their data stolen and yet they aren't getting an apology.

Today Gawker is apologizing for publishing a totally appalling story regarding the CFO of Condé Nast and his alleged private affairs. There was no clear direction for Gawker to run something so incredibly tasteless, which brings me to this point. If one story is going to create such a fuss, what about the thousands of people who went through a nightmare when all their data was stolen, dissected and printed at a large for weeks on end?

Where was the apology from the editors and the writers that joyfully destroyed people and embarrassed them when they laughed at their emails and tried to play them off each other? Working people who had no rights to privacy yet had their data used as tools for sensationalization and ad revenue.

It still shocks me that the industry kept quiet about this disgraceful turn of events. Journalism took a bruising this year, and no one was held to account. When Sony sent that legal letter around, it was justified. I may stand alone in thinking that was right, but in reality if people have their data stolen, and then others are making money off of it, surely that can't be defended?

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