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‘Everybody Flies’ takes to the skies as screenings sell out


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Fact Not Fiction Films’ latest documentary ‘Everybody Flies’ is making its way into cinemas across the UK, with tickets for screenings selling out amidst a growing international movement urging airlines to address the problem of air toxicity.

Attending packed screenings in London and Bristol this week, the film's director, Tristan Loraine, participated in audience Q&As to talk about the groundbreaking findings of the documentary - exposing the global problem of contaminated air affecting commercial flights.

With tickets selling out at several venues, the film will get an additional screening in Manchester where the film’s creator, Tristan Loraine, will speak with audiences about the global impact of air toxicity, and the problem affecting ‘bleed air’ (the air we breathe on planes) where engine lubricants leak into the air filtration system of many modern planes.

Since its debut at the Raindance Film Festival last year, ‘Everybody Flies’ has managed to raise awareness about toxic air and ‘aerotoxic syndrome’, informing the public about the dangers posed by dangerous fumes on flights, which has potentially long-term health implications.

Speaking with the BBC this week, Loraine highlighted how the Air Accidents Investigation Branch 10 years ago, "had twice called for all aircraft to have contaminated air warning systems fitted", but regulators had since taken no action.


Director Tristan Loraine taking questions at the opening screening of 'Everybody Flies' in London

The documentary delves deep into the aviation industry and looks at air toxicity, and the design of aircraft - exposing an industry wide problem that has been apparent for more than half a century - with no permanent solution yet to be found for a majority of commercial aircraft flying today.

People exposed to toxic air have been affected differently, with frequent fliers deemed to be at a greater risk of long-term health ailments, according to the documentary’s findings.

‘Everybody Flies’ is playing at cinemas across the UK at locations including Horsham, Dorking, York, Manchester and Glasgow with limited ticket availabilities. You can discover the latest screenings and book tickets online through the film’s official website.

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