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‘Everybody Flies’ receives standing ovation at world premiere in London


Tristan Loraine and Beth Moran / © Raluca Babos

Last night, ‘Everybody Flies’ had its world premiere at the Raindance Film Festival in London with a sold-out screening at the Vue cinema in Piccadilly.

The film’s red carpet event began just after 5.30pm and welcomed the world’s media, guests and the filmmakers behind the production. Ahead of its screening, director Tristan Loraine spoke to BBC Radio London about the production, having started a research project on air toxicity back in 2001.

The controversial documentary highlights the issue of toxic fumes during flights, which has plagued aviation for a number of years. The film includes testimonials from witnesses affected by smoke inhalation in cabins, with a number of whistleblowers sharing their story for the first time and how the problem has impacted them.

After a 4-year journey to produce the film, which was partly crowdfunded online, the film’s premiere at Raindance yesterday received a warm reception from critics, and was supported by the Raindance Film Festival that wanted to show the controversial documentary in order to raise awareness of the issues surrounding air toxicity. The film also received the backing of Unite, the UK’s second largest trade union following a ballot that was issued to its members who voted in favour of the campaign to highlight aerotoxic syndrome.

Tristan Loraine and Elliot Grove / © Raluca Babos

Attendees took part in a photocall and spoke with reporters before the film was shown at 6.45pm. There was also a Q and A with filmmakers from the production including co-director Beth Moran and Tristan Loraine. Raindance founder Elliot Grove also took part in welcoming guests to the festival saying that it was “such an important documentary” to show to people.

The producers are now seeking to raise further awareness about air toxicity on commercial flights with a theatrical distribution in the works for 2020. Fact Not Fiction Films produced 'Everybody Flies' and is also behind critically acclaimed short film 'Missing a Note' which is showing at Everyman Cinemas in the UK alongside the feature film release of 'Downton Abbey'.

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