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‘Everybody Flies’ documentary to reveal toxic air pollution crisis rocking airline industry


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Highly controversial documentary ‘Everybody Flies’ is about to hit UK cinemas after securing its theatrical release.

The documentary film, which received a standing ovation at Raindance and garnered critical praise on the festival circuit, reveals a dark secret the airline industry has been fighting to keep quiet for years.

‘Everybody Flies’, produced by former airline Captain Tristan Loraine, reveals how the air we breathe on airplanes can contain dangerous toxins with long-term health implications. Over the past 18 years, Loraine has researched and collected evidence including first-hand testimonials of people affected by the fumes, including former airline staff who have been severely impacted by toxic flight air, and suffer from a phenomenon known as ‘aerotoxic syndrome’.

The film also contains never-before-seen footage and evidence of toxic fumes spilling out into plane cabins where people have been subjected to a mixture of contaminants and smoke in-flight. Along with scientific findings and research into aircraft engine design, ‘Everybody Flies’ reveals how a large number of commercial aircraft are currently susceptible to a flaw that allows lubricating oils to become mixed with the normal air supply as it is fed into the cabins where passengers are seated.

The fumes often have no odour, but as contaminants increase, they produce a notable smell, much like dirty socks, according to the film’s research.

Everybody Flies documentary film trailer

Following its festival run, the film will play in Everyman cinemas from 26th February, with a limited number of screenings around the UK.

Each showing of the film will be followed by Q and A with the film’s co-director and producer, inviting audiences to learn more about the hard hitting facts revealed by the film, and the impact of toxic air in aviation.

With over 11 million people flying each day around the world, is it not time to be looking at how to improve the quality of the air we breathe and the health implications of toxic cabin air?

‘Everybody Flies’ will be screened across the UK at cinemas in the following locations: Kings Cross (London), Bristol, Horsham, Gerrards Cross, Esher, York, Dorking and Glasgow. To see the full list of screenings explore the latest release dates for more information.

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