Even dumber sad Batman memes take Ben Affleck down a level

Ben Affleck's 'depressed' Batman just got even sadder in the latest round of unforgiving memes that also give homage to Michelle Obama and Keanu Reeves for some reason. (check below for pics)

In fact, at this point, is there any possible way to preserve 'Batman vs Superman' as a serious movie?

With the next batch of Batman destruction set to ruin Affleck's pride, the force of the Bat nerds may prove too strong for the actor to fight back.

However, the fact that the memes have been so widely distributed could suggest there is a huge audience ready to watch (and maybe laugh) at this movie, even if it tries to be serious.

For now, check out the latest incredibly dumb Batman pics before Affleck himself gets treatment for depression.

Batman sad memes

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