Eva Longoria more viral than Charlie Sheen after Letterman Show

Eva Longoria achieved youtube greatness as she raked in over 1 million views a day on her latest David Letterman appearance to outpace Charlie Sheen. The actress, who recently featured on Piers Morgan Tonight, was on the late night show to talk cooking, her love of Oprah whilst avoiding a wardrobe malfunction.

The TV star has been doing the rounds promoting her new cook book, but on top of that, to talk about her outing in 'The Desperate Housewives' which will continue for 1 or more seasons.

However, the bigger story behind this is how viral this Eva Longoria video has become, beating Charlie Sheen's ABC meltdown in its first days.

What has made this video so viral compared to her competitors? One thing, that can be attributed to this video's success is its nature..a wardrobe malfunction. The now infamous Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction was one of the biggest entertainment news stories, and as you can imagine, people were interested to see some nakedness from Eva Longoria.

Should Charlie Sheen 'employ' his Goddesses to malfunction accidentally in his videos to boost their viewership? Even if he doesn't, his fans will make plenty of remixes if that were to occur. However, his recent tour in New York has proven that even though he has a significantly hilarious online presence, his real life fans are struggling to engage with his material. This may have all become too much for us to handle.

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