Will the entertainment industry stand up to execution?

The appeals from entertainers, presidents, world religious leaders and institutions failed to prevent the execution of Troy Davis but now the question to ask is what are we going to do about it?

For the past 12 hours Alec Baldwin has been venting fumes on twitter over the execution whilst the 650,000 people that signed a petition to prevent it shouted even louder. In fact, there have been over 7500 news stories since last night covering the controversial decision in what could be the biggest challenge to the U.S Justice system in decades. Twitter users have voiced their opinions which are now a worldwide discussion topic.

Will this global movement push for the total abolishment of capital punishment in the US? While prominent Americans voiced their outrage today about the execution, capital punishment until now has been accepted as just.

How will the death of Troy Davis affect global opinion about the US? Can the entertainment industry including publishers and journalists push this movement for change right into the White House?

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