Emma Watson to bring style and grace to Beauty and the Beast

It has been announced that Harry Potter star Emma Watson is to play in the upcoming film adaptation of Disney classic Beauty and The Beast.

The 21 year old actress is one of Britain’s top talents, and has featured in every Harry Potter movie in the last decade. She is also a fashion icon for her army of young followers and is a great choice for this movie because of her unique sense of style.

Of course, casting announcements often lead to false rumours, and sometimes before production begins actors are replaced. In this case, I hope that Emma Watson stays part of the ensemble cast as I feel that her personality and acting abilities are a perfect match for this classic. I also think that Beauty And The Beast appeals to older audiences as well and having a young starlet who’s too ‘Hollywood like’ would not have been a good match for it. Emma Watson is young, but she is also very mature in my view.

Do you think Emma Watson is a good choice for the film remake?

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