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Emma Watson from 2D to 3D: Is this the future of advertising?


From filmmaking to 3D images

It's no secret that short videos are very important in the marketing mix for advertisers. We've seen some great successes these past few weeks but is it now time to look at images as well as film to promote products and/or services?

When it comes to making something look cool, we think about image editing and making flashy looking posters. The movie studios are very good at it, but with more digital displays now appearing in tubes, stations and airports, should we consider a more visually interactive approach? Film can do this of course, but if we are passing by in a hurry and only have a 3 second window to glance at something, wouldn't it be cooler to get a 3D image instead of a flat screen poster?


Adding brush layers in Adobe Photoshop to create image depth

There are many possibilities for 3D images. If we think about how videos are used to convey a message with a short story, this concept can be adapted to satisfy the short attention span of a traveller or people passing by.


Defining contours to produce image depth when the effect is rendered into an animation.

Take a look at this great tutorial below that explains how you can make a 2D image become 3D using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects CS6. This is just one of many tools that can provide advertisers with an edge when it comes to making photography animated but it can also be adapted for different uses, not just in mass-market advertising.

Emma Watson 2D-3D editing

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What this shows us is a simple yet interesting way to make an image come to life. This is pretty cool if we want to achieve a basic movement effect with layering, but could it have more uses? With celebrities endorsing brands in ads, and videos clogging up our screens, are 3D images an untapped resource?

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