Emma Watson and British celebs reunite at Lumos fundraiser


Emma Watson goes back to Hogwarts

Emma Watson, Stella McCartney and Harry Potter author J.K Rowling attended a fundraising event at Warner Bros studios in London to raise money for orphaned children.

Among the guests at the event included Hugh Grant, Evanna Lynch, Alan Rickman and producer David Heyman.

Emma Watson posed in front of her Harry Potter figurine behind a glass frame and tweeted it to her fans after the event took place. The star-studded charity fundraiser which also included the likes of renowned director Richard Curtis took place in the iconic Harry Potter dining hall.

Money raised from the event will go to the Lumos charity which helps orphaned children suffering physical and emotional abuse in institutions as well as those with learning difficulties and disabilities.

According to the Daily Mail, J.K Rowling gave a speech during the event regarding the work of the charity:

"Since setting up the charity eight years ago to help change the lives of so many children living in appalling institutions across the world, Lumos has helped governments to take nearly 12,000 children out of these institutions."

To find out more check out the Lumos charity.

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