Eminem legal battle will help artists earn more from digital sales

A landmark law suit against Universal Music Group by Eminem's producers could pave the way for artists to earn more from digital downloads.

Music artists who have been in the game pre-digital downloads have contracts that put them at a disadvantage when it comes to digital music royalties. In Eminem's case, he earns 50% royalties on licensed tracks, and only 12% on sales. Digital downloads count as sales in his contract which dates back to 1995 according to the NYTimes.

If Eminem's contract gets renewed with a new royalty agreement, he could be earning millions in additional revenue as digital sales increase in the years ahead.

Joel Martin, Manager of F.B.T Productions told the NYTimes: As of now it s worth $17 million or $20 million, but on a future accounting basis, five or 10 years from now, it could easily be a $40 million to $50 million issue.

The outcome of the lawsuit which met its end last week paves the way for digital sales in this contract to be treated under the license agreement.

Will other artists and bands join in to renegotiate their royalties thanks to Eminem's team? It's only fair, technology has changed, and so has the art form. Musicians deserve equal royalty payments in the digital sphere, but this does not address the piracy issue affecting sales.

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