Eddie Murphy a good choice for the Academy Awards?

The success of next year’s Academy Awards lies on the shoulders of one of Hollywood’s funniest comediens, but can he deliver?

After the disappointment and mixed reviews from this year’s hosts, its easy to see why the Academy wants to go for a more established presence but whether James Franco will be remembered as the ‘co-host that failed’ is another thing. Anna Hathaway was quirky and oddly funny, but she didn’t captivate audiences the way the Academy had hoped for. Perhaps the pairing of Franco and Hathaway together was not the right blend of humour needed to animate the night.

Looking at next year’s ceremony, Eddie Murphy is a classic cool act for the stand up arena, but also a comedy icon in some of America’s most beloved classics like ‘Coming to America’ and ‘Beverly Hills Cop’. Other comics have also hosted the Academy Awards in the past including Billy Crystal and Chris Rock have been well received. What do you think about the Academy’s announcement? Is this the Oscar host of a lifetime?

The 84th Academy Awards will be telecast on February the 26th 2012.

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