The dumbest trailer of the week : Sharknado 2

Are you ready for heightened stupidity with a chainsaw driven plot that includes sharks falling from the skies?

After Syfy's cult hit 'Sharknado' became instant internet gold it was inevitable that a sequel would be prepped and delivered to us just in time for the summer vacation.

Well the sequel certain packs a stupid punch with slightly enhanced CGI, even more wooden acting, and some acrobatic shark killing that increases the non-existant stakes for audiences ready to laugh.

Starring Kari Wuhrer, Kelly Osborne, Tara Reid and Andy Dick, 'Sharknado 2 : The Second One' premieres on Syfy July 30th.

Rarely do TV B-movies have cult success but given that this is a film about humans trying to survive a shark storm, it's hard not to resist the urge of watching it.


What's next? Sharks on a plane?

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