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Drew Barrymore defects to Bollywood film industry

Bollywood film industryDrew Barrymore has signed on to star in her first Bollywood outing. Does this mean Hollywood stars are turning to the Indian film industry for a 2nd career?

Producer Santosh Kumar Jain told the Hindustan Times newspaper that The film is about three women from different walks of life, trying to assert their identities. Drew plays the role of a foreigner in the film. The other two will be top Indian actors. The river Ganga is in the backdrop throughout the flick.

The Indian film industry recently took a turn for the worst with reports earlier this year that piracy was costing the industry more than half is actual value, and that only 1-% domestic DVD sales were legal. Added to the woes was a string of Bollywood flops that hurt indie as well as mainstream theatres.

The Lifestyle is reported to be one of the most expensive Indian films to go into production, and will be shot for English and Hindi speaking audiences. In addition, the film will be shot in stereoscopic 3D, a first for the industry. Barrymore's casting has turned heads as the unusual casting could become an instant classic. Who can forget the attitude displayed in Charlies Angels ?

Drew Barrymore played another major role earlier this year when she was asked by George Clooney to help assist in the Hope for Haiti telethon . Barrymore was quick to respond and immediately begun working with Clooney and other film industry figures to make the telethon a success. Barrymore s contribution was noted and paved the way for a memorable and highly publicized concert that raised millions for Haiti victims.

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