Dr Dre I Need A Doctor music video included $75,000 to crash a car

Dr Dre music videos are always a big deal as the rapper and producer doesn t do things on a small scale.

It was recently revealed that to create the crash scene in his I Need A Doctor vid with Eminem, a Ferrari 360 Modena was used as a prop.

Dr Dre in the video drives down an empty road at high speed when his car upturns and crashes in a spectacular way, in a prelude to the start of the song.

95% of musicians will never be able to afford this kind of extravagance when shooting their promos, but special effects can go a long way to make up for a lack of visual stunts.

The 'I Need A Doctor' video reveals the history between Eminem and Dre, and has been highly praised by fans as a personal revelation of the relationship between these huge music artists. Both rappers have changed the music industry in many ways, and innovated music videos to continue entertaining their fans.

Eminem and Dr Dre I Need A Doctor music video

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