Dr Dre, Eminem and Jay Z track Syllables leaked

While Dr Dre prepares for his upcoming album Detox, a new song leak featuring Eminem, Jay Z and 50 Cent makes its way on youtube?

The music and film industry in 2010 faced an increase in piracy and a difficult year for concert sales, which saw ticket prices rise too fast for consumers.

Facing sliding CD sales, musicians will be looking for an answer in 2011 to digital piracy, which effectively means that concerts are now the primary source of revenue for the music industry.

Dr Dre Detox leak?

Dr Dre may have kept his highly anticipated Detox underwraps despite a track leak earlier in the year, but the iconic rapper and music producer may have to deal with piracy before he plans his album release.

The other concerning issue is the confidentiality of data and studio recordings. Labels and indie artists will have to take extra precautions to ensure they release their music first.

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