Does Mel Gibson’s career recovery depend on the success of his movies?

If Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster’s ‘The Beaver’ broke international Box Office records, would it be enough to change people’s views on him?

When Mel Gibson went to Cannes, he ‘shunted’ the world media, only giving one, difficult, and uncomfortable interview with Variety. Even if Mel were to have given more interviews, with a positive outcome, do people still want to punish him regardless?

A good sign of Mel’s career recovery would surely be a hit movie, but perhaps even that is not enough to truly restore his credibility as a human being. The controversial tape rant has been very damaging to him, not only professionally, but personally. Media agencies have made use of this news, sometimes for ratings, other times for the sake of discussion. Where do we stand with Mel now? Does he deserve a 2nd chance like Chris Brown?

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