Does Apocalypse Now symbolise Martin Sheen's view of Charlie?

Martin Sheen recently spoke out about his son Charlie Sheen who he felt was 'emotionally crippled' and related that to his own onscreen meltdown in 'Apocalypse Now'.

The troubled father of the past now sees the pain  Sheen suffers today, but not quite with the same effects. Sheen may face a gauntlet of hate and admiration, but deep down, Martin Sheen knows this a difficult time.

Apocalypse Now, the most courageous and complicated war film of all time, is all too familiar in Martin Sheen's mind. The symbolism of that movie seems to forever remind him of how Charlie is becoming that character: Lost in a war that makes no sense, a personal mission that has no meaningful end, in a world that doesn't make sense.

Well if you take the media and its amusement at Charlie, his own personal risks and self abuse, it looks like a modern day Apocalypse Now is going through his mind. Does he really know what he is trying to achieve, apart from exploiting his own 'Adonis DNA'?

Apocalypse Now trailer starring Martin Sheen and Harrison Ford

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