Does America need Donald Trump to build another major film studio?

Donald trump enters the film studio business

News broke out this week that Donald Trump was looking to get into the movie business to build a film studio twice the size of Universal Studios, close to the Homestead Air Base in Florida.

Entitled 'Trump Studio City', the project has been discussed this week as part of a major plan to create world class facilities that would include a Hollywood-like plaza lined with palm trees. The studio's construction would bring inward investment into the local region, but does America really need another film studio?

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With some of the world's most advanced facilities already in place over in Hollywood, and in addition, regions competing with tax break incentives to lure productions to local studios, can the market absorb yet another massive 250,000 square ft complex? According to CBS, the inward investment that would go into building the studio could be worth as much as $262,000 a day to the region. This would create thousands of jobs for local workers and rejuvenate the local economy potentially attracting major productions to the region.

However in the scope of things the big clients of these facilities are inevitably going to be major productions with million dollar budgets. How will they be lured away from other studios? Are you in the region? What do you think about Trump's plans?

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