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Documentary film legend Albert Maysles remembered around the world

Documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles, behind classics such as 'Grey Gardens' and 'Gimme Shelter' is being remembered today after he died at the age of 88.

The Oscar nominated director had set a standard in America's documentary filmmaking circuit starting back in the late 60s. The filmmaker passed away on Thursday in New York, which was confirmed in a public statement released by the Maysles Documentary Center.

The Criterion Collection, the company which distributed several films directed by Maysles, sent out a message of condolence on Facebook following his death. Albert Maysles had been battling with pancreatic cancer after becoming ill in February.

One of the most memorable films of his career was a documentary called 'Salesman' which came out in 1968 that he directed with his brother David Maysles. It followed 4 salesmen who travelled across the US trying to sell bibles in lower income areas. The film was self-financed and gained national recognition for its depiction of American society and what it exposed.

Later in the early 90s the documentary was chosen for preservation by the National Film Registry due its artistic significance and impact on American culture.

Since the announcement of his death, film professionals across the industry have reflected on his monumental career, paying tribute in blogs, on websites and via Twitter.

The documentary pioneer will be truly missed.


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