Documentary “American 965” releases in theaters this week revealing new evidence from fatal 1995 crash


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Investigative feature length documentary “American 965” hits theaters this week, revealing an in-depth analysis and new evidence surrounding the fatal American 965 flight crash on December 20, 1995.

American 965 was en-route to Cali, Colombia when it crashed on approach, killing 159 passengers onboard with only 4 people surviving including a dog. After taking off from Miami, the American Airlines Boeing 757 came down as it approached its final destination. At the time of the incident, accident investigators concluded that the main cause of the crash was due to a pilot error. However, “American 965” sheds new light on evidence the investigators never considered which the airline industry allegedly knew about for many years prior to the fatal event.

Produced by Fact Not Fiction Films, the new investigative documentary is a prequel to the critically acclaimed “Everybody Flies” which had its world premiere at the Raindance Film Festival in London in 2019.

Former airline captain Tristan Loraine, who directed and produced the film, researched extensively the crash, interviewing family members, survivors and air accident investigators. Loraine reveals a plausible new cause for the crash and leaves us with the question as to why the aviation industry didn’t act on fundamental flaws within aircraft design at the time.

The documentary also goes into detail on evidence about a system design flaw that goes back to the dawn of the jet engine era, with repercussions for the entire industry.

Tristan Loraine, who regularly flew commercially when he was a pilot, gathered evidence and testimonies over a 19-year period to bring new insights for viewers seeking answers from one of the many tragic plane crashes that occur each year. 

Interviewing scientists, pilots, engineers, and doctors, the film also looks at the post-accident crash investigation as well as how the airline industry allegedly chose not to explore key evidence that had been brought forward. 

The documentary is another eye opener from Fact Not Fiction Films, creating a new sense of urgency for the airline industry to look at key design issues within most modern aircraft that can contribute to increasing flight safety risks.

American 965 Trailer

The film will be screened at select theaters this month in New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Miami and Dallas. To learn more, visit the film’s website and see the latest venue information below: 

American 965 List of Screenings

New York, July 9-15th
Cinema Village, 
22 East 12th street, 
New York, 10003
Buy tickets

Los Angeles, July 9-15th 
Monica Film Center,
1332 2nd Street,
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Buy tickets

Washington D.C. July 15th 
(Invitation only) Doors open at 7pm with the screening at 7.30pm followed by a Q&A

Miami, July 15th
(Invitation only) Doors open at 7pm, with a 7.30pm screening including Q&A with TWU

Dallas, July 22nd
Texas Theatre
231 W Jefferson Blvd, Dallas, TX 75208 
(Invitation or ticket sales) Doors open at 4.30pm, with a 5pm screening including Q&A with TWU
Buy tickets

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