Doctor Who's 50th anniversary dawns, 216 cinemas to screen special

Doctor Who cult success rages on

Tomorrow the BBC will reveal a special 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who in 'The Day of the Doctor', starring some of our favourite TV characters we've admired for the past half century.

The iconic sci-fi series has been the cornerstone of 'cheesy enjoyment' for audiences and with this new special 'event drama' playing across the UK tomorrow in 2D and 3D, this could be quite a memorable moment in television history.

Starring Matt Smith, David Tennant and iconic veteran actor John Hurt, there's a big treat waiting for us tomorrow. as the Doctors are set to go on their greatest ever adventure as something terrible awakens in the National Gallery of London. All of reality, time and space is at stake, every blade of grass, every breath we take..could be gone forever, if the Doctors don't succeed in their perilous task.

Official BBC trailer 'The Day Of the Doctor'

The stakes couldn't be higher! Is this the 'British Star Wars' moment when the Death Star approaches except the universe is the target?

Written by Steven Moffat and directed by Nick Hurran, the BBC's 50th Anniversary special is hugely anticipated, not just because it's been 50 amazing years, but because it's a symbol of our entertainment culture and we love a bit of surrealism in this November freeze!

With 216 cinemas playing the special 76 minute episode at the same time as the BBC One screening, those lucky enough to have tickets will finally see a 3D version as well.

Tune into BBC One tomorrow, Saturday 23rd November at 19.50 to witness the magic!

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