Do you miss Charlie Sheen in the news?

From Charlie Sheen quotes to tours, scandals and legal battles, the ex 'Two And A Half Men' star has been in the eyes of the media for months, but it seems the buzz is dying.

Sure, after a while people get tired of hearing about Charlie Sheen, but the stories surrounding the actor, and his own take on the web, has been a thrill ride for many.

After his classic one liners "Droopy eyed armless children" and "Dying's for fools", the un-repenting actor recently repented but failed to get anywhere with former bosses and Chuck Lorre.

With Ashton Kutcher re-booting the series, and Charlie Sheen's mixed tour results, does the tiger-blood actor have what it takes to get to where he needs to be?

Sheen is also not even in consideration for the Emmy's because he failed to submit his name as a contender. Warner Bros however did not submit the show itself for the awards.

On top of that, Charlie Sheen, according to ABC, failed to 'deliver his ordinance' in Haiti along with Sean Penn. What should we expect, if anything now?

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