Do Oscar winning short films get enough respect in the industry?

The 2011 Oscar short films selection includes animations, documentaries and live action shorts but does a win guarantee success?

When a film gets short listed for the Oscars, the sheer honor of getting on that list can blow a filmmaker s mind, but what about going home with the winning prize?

Every year the Oscars is seen as the largest and most prestigious media event for the film industry, whether you are attending with a short film or up for a technical achievement Award. However, to go home with an Oscar doesn t always guarantee you will succeed.

The short film industry is a difficult and precarious beast, as there is no commercial market big enough to turn a filmmaker s passion into a big profit. Yes there are means of film distribution that can go far and wide at film festivals and on TV, but there is no real sustainable short film business model. A short film is after all, the bite size introduction to your career, and the entry to making your first feature film

Getting an Oscar win for a short film is a huge honor, but how often do you see the media talking about the short films at the Oscars? In 2011 short films are a big deal, and like every year, more and more audiences are watching short form content. Could this business be about to boom in ways we never imagined? Let s give these filmmakers a bigger light this year, because they may have more impact in our industry than some of their more famous filmmaking counterparts.

2011 Oscar nominated short films

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