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Do fake Thor posters do a better job than the originals?

Fake Thor posters have one advantage

When we we see movie posters for films such as 'Thor : The Dark World' we are being invited to check it out at the cinema, but when those posters get a little 'lost in translation', and re-edited, do they do a better job than the originals?

This week it was revealed that a Chinese cinema had accidentally juxtaposed comic book rival (Loki) with Thor in a poster that advertised the new movie. What they didn't realise was that the hilarious remix and somewhat silly poster was actually made by a Reddit user according to Yahoo News, and was not destined to be used as official publicity material.

Well, thanks to the mix up, the story has gone viral on many news outlets across the world, and Thor fans are now more united in seeing the movie than they were when the original poster was released.

Filmmaker Acim Vasic sent us this funny poster above of the new Thor movie which shows Natalie Portman in Thor's place. The image is already picking up speed on Facebook and could add to the argument that fake Thor posters are creating more conversation about the movie than the originals.

Check out the comparison of the Chinese poster version and the original below:

Fake Chinese poster

Original Thor poster

Could fan-made posters become a bigger part of the movie marketing engine? It looks like studios could benefit from some funny re-edits to help promote their movies. The box office success of 'Thor : The Dark World' certainly shows the movie franchise remains extremely popular.

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