Diversity crisis in the film industry: Have your say

From ageism to sexism, discrimination and a lack of roles for women and minorities, the film industry faces a growing diversity crisis that needs to be solved.

This month the A.C.L.U made a formal request to US state and federal agencies to look into the gender discrimination taking place in Hollywood. According to the letter filed on May 12th, only 7% of directors in the top 250 grossing films of 2014 were women. For TV shows, only 14% of directors were women between 2013 and 2014.

Over the longterm, between 2002 and 2014 women accounted for just 4.1% of directors.

In their study they also revealed that only 2 African-American women were employed as directors for the top 500 grossing films between 2007-2012.

Earlier this year, the Oscars faced criticism for its "All-white" list of acting nominees sparking protests and a backlash from viewers and the wider industry that minorities are underrepresented in films and on TV.

The problem of diversity isn't just happening in Hollywood. Over in the UK, figures compiled on the major Broadcasters in 2013 (BBC, Sky and ITV) revealed that only 5% of all on-screen presenters over the age of 50 were women. There is also a lack of roles for ethnic groups in the UK in drama series and in British films.

Diversity study: Have your say

We are inviting you to tell the industry your story, what you think needs to change, and how it should come about. Film Industry Network will then present your feedback to members, studios and production companies.

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