Distribution is 'killing' filmmakers and their dreams

It's the most difficult, the least enjoyable and yet the most important part of the filmmaking process, however most filmmakers struggle to ever get it right.

When it comes to shooting a short film, a music video, a documentary or a feature film, the creative aspects of production often don't include or consider the distribution process.

Distribution for independent films is honestly, quite hard to pull off. There is a surging VOD market that is hard to compete in, there are many obstacles to getting a cinema release, even a limited one, and it seems that the only real way to get a film seen by the masses is to get a major distributor to invest in marketing the project.

Filmmakers often make the mistake of not trying to figure this part out. After their project is complete they need to reach the right audiences but how? We now live in an age where digital distribution is much more accessible, and it's high time to get this part right.

There are many avenues for self-distrubution. Of course there's Amazon and Vimeo. Yes there's Netflix, or Hulu, or TV deals to be had, but getting any traction with them still comes down to one important area : marketing.

At the end of the day, a film that is marketed well can make considerable returns, but the execution of this strategy has to begin with the planning of it before the film is shot. Without this goal in mind, and this realisation, the film has little chance of making a name for itself.

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