Disneyland workers being treated for measles

At least 5 Disneyland employees in California have fallen ill with the measles after an outbreak in Orange County.

More than 50 cases of the measles have so far been reported with numbers expected to rise. The outbreak, which has affected unvaccinated employees forced some Disneyland staff to take a paid leave while they receive treatment.

Local officials are seeking to contain the contagious disease which has also affected other theme parks in the U.S.

There have been several reported cases of the measles nationwide from Washington to Colorado and even as far as Mexico.

Disney's Chief Medical Officer issued a statement following the reported outbreak and confirmed that several cast members had tested positive for measles while some had been able to return to work.

A local school near the Disneyland theme park told children who had not yet received a measles vaccination to remain at home for two weeks following another reported case.

The outbreak has begun a debate about mandatory vaccinations while Disney and local health officials continue to work behind the scenes to monitor the situation.

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