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Disney just signed a 10-year deal to occupy Pinewood Studios in the UK


Disney have signed a major deal with Pinewood Studios that will see it establish a permanent presence at the UK’s prestigious film studio.

Having filmed several of the Star Wars movies at Pinewood Studios, which also happens to be home to the James Bond movies, Disney has backed Britain as a filmmaking production hub for at least the next decade.

The news comes as Britain prepares to leave the European Union, and will secure thousands of studio production jobs for the foreseeable future - despite the backdrop of Brexit and what it means for employment in the sector.

This also follows Netflix which inked a deal with Shepperton Studios to lease most of its facilities for years to come.

Britain has become one of the world’s premiere destinations for movie production, and with the pound becoming increasingly weak against the dollar, it has been a great time for foreign investors to make long-term investment decisions in the UK’s creative sector.

Disney competitors however will have to find other studio space in the UK in order to shoot large productions. A shortage of filming space across the UK has made it a race against the clock for Hollywood studios and others to book space for future productions.

The future James Bond movies are however expected to continue filming at Pinewood Studios at the famous 007 Stage.

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