Director Tony Scott commits suicide

Film director Tony Scott has committed suicide leaving behind a legacy of movies that changed the face of Hollywood and brought to light some of its biggest stars.

On Sunday, the Britsh born director reportedly climbed over a fence and jumped off the Vincent Thomas bridge in San Pedro around 12.30pm. A suicide note was found in his car; a black Toyota Prius.

Scott was found in the waters in the afternoon around 4 hours later and his body was recovered by divers. Tony Scott is Ridley Scott's brother, and the two have had distinguised careers making some of the biggest blockbusters and cult classics of our time. T

he shocking death of Scott, at aged 68 is a tragedy and will be deeply felt by the industry. Some of his film credits include 'Top Gun' (1986), '''Crimson Tide' (1995) and Man On Fire' (2004). His most recent movie 'Unstoppable' was released in 2010 and starred Denzel Washington and Chris Pine.

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