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Die Hard 5 about to be announced

Bruce Willis recently revealed at the Comic Con Show that Die Hard 5 is about to be greenlighted.

With the success of The Expendables directed by Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis is almost certainly cast in iron to reclaim the role of John McClane, again. A director has not yet been mentioned but there are several possible contenders including John McTiernan who directed the first 3 installments. Fans of the Die Hard franchise are keen to see him in the helm as Bruce Willis previous outing in Die Hard 4 disappointed. One key element of dissatisfaction was the widely panned performance of Timothy Olyphant as the villain. Compared with the masterful Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber in the original Die Hard, there was no comparison. A much need improvement is needed for the next outing.

Willis also mentioned at the event that he would like to move forward with an Unbreakable sequel.

Die Hard 5 is not the only sequel set to go into production, as Avatar 2 has been put into motion, along with a Judge Dredd remake, and not to mention Lethal Weapon 5. Be prepared for more.

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