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Did the Queen's performance boost 'Skyfall'?

Daniel Craig and the Queen took part in an 'iconic' short video last year which played at the Olympics whilst a live helicopter stunt unfolded above the stadium lights. It put 'Skyfall' on the map ahead of its release, and was a marketing victory for the film, which smashed all records for a Bond movie in the franchise's 50 year history.

Now that the Queen has received a BAFTA to pay tribute for her support of the British film industry throughout her reign, can we also attribute the success of the movie to her performance with Daniel Craig?

The image of the Queen, and the history of her reign was part of what made the Olympics stunt such a big success in my view. It was impossible to conceive the Queen in a Bond sketch, let alone jumping out of a helicopter and parachuting into the Olympic stadium (not her of course). As she was momentarily thrust into an action role, becoming a Bond girl it was a complete role reversal, compared to her duties as Head of State.

It was fitting to see Kenneth Branagh present the award to the Queen on Thursday, and her support has had a very positive impact not just on 'Skyfall' but the whole industry. It was her participation in that sketch, and the message of it, which struck a chord, and it's that kind of bold thinking, and risk taking, that really makes a difference

At the end of the day, both 'Skyfall' and the Monarchy, did very well. It was a great moment, that will live in people's memories for decades to come.

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