Did Lady Gaga help Obama win Gay Rights amendment?

WASHINGTON, USA - Lady Gaga was a strong advocate for the repeal of Don t Ask Dont Tell , which was finally approved by the US senate and seen as a major victory for the gay rights movement.

Whilst the pop icon was not involved in the negotiations of Don't Ask Don't Tell , Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had tweeted to her that the policy would be reversed. The singer had taken to youtube, producing videos, and viral shout outs to persuade people to vote for the repeal of the controversial bill, much detested by the gay community and seen as a pivotal moment in American history.

This brings the question as to whether celebrities have a huge sway on politics as they have the power to reach millions of people including policy makers themselves.

Gaga s popularity in 2010 has also skyrocketed because of her controversial appearance, original videos, and much publicized performance.

Lady Gaga and the movement

While Lady Gaga commands an army of followers across the world, the pop icon has become a figure not just for her music, but her uniqueness. Unfortunately with reality TV shows and online contests dominating the airwaves, often young people want to be like someone else, when the best thing they can do to achieve real success is to be themselves.

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