Did Frankenstorm take down the Huffington Post?


Huffingtonpost fizzles out, but comes back

Has the Huffington Post become the first victim of this storm? There are already reports of more than 2.8 million people losing power as hurricane Sandy bears down on the U.S east coast.


Forecasters recently downgraded the hurricane to a tropical storm however record water levels in Manhattan are causing major flooding. We are just at the beginning of this terrifying storm that stretches 1000 miles wide

Readers in the past hour were unable to access the Huffingtonpost, and the site experienced huge lags on loading. Did it's servers get knocked out in New York? Millions of websites could be taken offline in the coming hours as power outages start to spread across the mainland.

We saw earlier this morning a daring rescue out at sea after 16 crew members were forced to abandon their ship, the HMS bounty, which later sank. 2 members are still reportedly missing from the incident;

Watch out for your favourite websites. There are several key datacenters based in Virginia and New York State that could be taken off the grid if this gets worse. We're only at the start of this..

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