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Dennis Hopper Art collection for sale

LOS ANGELES, USA - Late actor Dennis Hopper owned a remarkable collection of art dating back to the 60s from Andy Warhol s Mao Zedong and Conner s Picnic on the Grass .

The collection, which spans more than 300 paintings started from a conversation Hopper had with actor Vincent Price, who influenced and persuaded him to put his money into art.

Dennis Hopper was an avid collector, and also a photographer and painter outside of his acting.

In one incident in the early 1970s, Hopper had a fit of fear when Warhol s Mao painting frightened him one night. He shot it twice and it became part of the painting s history.

Hopper s posters, including Apolocalypse Now, and handwritten notes will go on sale.

Dennis Hopper on the Hollywood walk of Fame

In 2010, shortly before he passed away, Hopper was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The actor who was in great spirits was frail, but it semented his lifetime career and people will always cherish the Easy Rider and how he made cinema get that extra cool .

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