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What if David Cameron was Picard and Patrick Stewart was PM?

Former Star Trek actor Patrick Stewart mocked British Prime Minister David Cameron this week after he uploaded a picture of himself on the phone with President Obama, but what if we took this concept a step further? (Image edits below)

Sir Patrick released a picture of himself listening in to a 'bottle' of hand wipes in response to Cameron's stern conversation:

The Prime Minister then responded to Sir Stewart by uploading another picture of himself and Bill Clinton.

But in light of their recent back-and-forth, wouldn't it be more interesting to see them in each other's shoes? Patrick Stewart after all has played a starship captain, and a character that many can recall as leader figure, and surely the Prime Minister will have seen at least one episode of Star Trek : The Next Generation.

So without further delay, here are the full picture edits of the Prime Minister and Sir Patrick starring in each other's 'roles'.

David Cameron : Captain of the Enterprise


Patrick Stewart : Prime Minister


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