• Meet Indie Filmmaker: GANGSTER EXCHANGE

    Director Dean Bajramovic gives us an enticing sneak peak into his recent CU 2010 Non-European Dramatic Feature submission, GANGSTER EXCHANGE, a quirky and dynamic (and somewhat autobiographical) gangster comedy about a Japanese Yakuza member smuggling heroin in a toilet. Anna Takayama get’s the gritty details.

  • Great websites for filmmakers

    Great websites for filmmakers

    A list of our favourite sites to help you in your careers, network, write, direct, and to find out what is happening in our industry.

  • The Wolfman

    Courtesy of Universal Studios

    Benicio’s Wolf is blood-tripping but not mind boggling. The Wolfman is the first installment of what has been dubbed as the year of the werewolf as 2009 was the celebration of the vampire .

  • Solomon Kane

    Courtesy of Davis Films

    James Purefoy kicks some medieval ass in this flawed but dark little number. Solomon Kane from the outset provides us with hope that perhaps this could be the unsung independent hero movie of this year, verging a fusion of what seems like a mix of V for Vendetta with Lord of the Rings…

  • An Education

    Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

    An Education proves to be, excusing the pun an education in independent filmmaking