• Singing sensation Katy Shotter

    Singing sensation Katy Shotter

    British singer and classical piano player Katy Shotter stole the show at MIDEM this year with her solo performance in the glamorous Martinez Hotel ballroom.

  • Soul Singer Kaye-Ree

    Soul Singer Kaye-Ree

    Soul singer and songwriter Kaye-Ree has made her break into the industry and is an emerging artist in Europe with soothing vocals, in a new form of Neo-Soul .

  • British alternative rock band Nion Abeo

    British alternative rock band Nion Abeo

    Nion Abeo’s first EP ‘The Company Expires’ is a blend of alternative, melodic rock. Although fairly unknown in the music scene, Nion Abeo has the potential to make it big with their unique crunching guitar melodies and evoking vocals.

  • What is 'Sexy'?

    What is 'Sexy'?

    Defining the meaning of ‘Sexy’ in films by Kathleen Dooley

  • Youtube star Ana Free

    Youtube star Ana Free

    Acoustic/pop singer Ana Free has achieved immense success through her youtube channel with over 16 million views and more than 50,000 subscribers to date.